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How to Launch a Startup in Oxford


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Enterprising Oxford exists to connect the Oxford student community to entrepreneurship opportunities.

The Skoll Centre is a section of the Saïd Business School that supports social enterprise. They also run their own Podcast, Reimagine.

The Oxford Foundry helps entrepreneurs upskill and also has its own accelerator. They seek to democratise entrepreneurship.

The Careers Service connects University members to jobs, internships, workshops, and resources.

TechTribe Oxford is an outlet focused on reporting on tech innovations in the city.

The Oxford Foundry's collection of online learning resources and first steps.



Run by the Saïd Business School, there are free slides and lecture recordings available for those in the early stages of building a business.

A programme run through the Careers Service teaching the basics of business.

A resource for Enterprising Oxford demystifying IP.

An informal conversation series focused on science and business.

An entrepreneurship project for current MBA and EMBA students, working in small groups on new products or business models.

A course for those in translation or innovation roles in technology and research organisations.

An intensive program by the Oxford Foundry designed to support both female entrepreneurs and women aspiring to leadership roles.



A gathering of investors, innovators, and changemakers.

A one day conference featuring keynote sessions, panel discussions, pitching competitions, and an exhibition space.


Hands-On Experience

Connecting students with internship opportunities at start-ups.

A Careers Service program providing early-career researchers with employability skills for business, policy, and analytical roles.

Provides training for those interested in supporting local organisations with impact measurement.

A Careers Service program equipping students with consultancy skills.

Training trustees for the charity sector, and providing them with the skills to lead local charities in tackling social and environmental issues.

A Careers Service program providing students with the opportunity to work in small teams to provide consultancy on client projects.

A programme designed to leverage Oxford based social startups into tackling global challenges.


Groups and Networks

The largest entrepreneurship society in Europe, bringing together students, researchers, and alumni.

Bringing networking and training to scientists interested in translating science into real-world solutions.

Providing events and opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in technology.

A University of Oxford initiative focused on increasing the representation of women in entrepreneurship.

A community of mentors, partners, and investors, with access to $300K of resource benefits.


College specific

A start-up network based in Hertford College.

A network providing access to workshops and training opportunities.


Mentorship and Support

Support opportunities for those working on social enterprise projects and purposeful businesses.

Visa endorsement opportunities for members of the University of Oxford working on start-ups.

Support for members of the business school community pursuing entrepreneurship.


Competitions and Awards

A pitching and ideas competition across colleges with the opportunity to win a top prize of £10,000.

A Demo Day hosted by Enterprising Oxford, featuring sector-specific sessions, panel discussions, and pitch displays.

An opportunity to submit ideas for projects that will enhance the student or staff Oxford experience through digital means.


Incubators and Accelerators

We take in Oxford students to our cohort. We guide you to spot problems and form ideas. At the end of program,  you build a prototype and test your ideas. You then pitch to a panel of investors on Demo Day. Winners get a total of £15,000+ equity-free grants to give you a kickstart. 

Learn more about OX1 Incubator here. Find us on Facebook

An Oxford University Innovation initiative focused on helping early-stage startups.​

A 6-month program focused on leveling up and scaling ventures. You need to have your prototype (MVP) ready with some levels of traction 


Funding and Investment

Investing up to £50,000 in Oxford-affiliated start-ups.


Co-working and shared workspace

A space bringing together entrepreneurs, providing resources and training.

A space focused on nurturing social enterprise and charity work in Oxford.


Research-related (spinouts)

If you are planning to commercialise your research, you should consult with Oxford University Innovation.



Science & Health

Training Course

MPLS Enterprise offers you ways to develop your enterprise skills by combining a progressive series of half day or 2-4 day workshops with a variety of seminars, networking events and activities supporting you to participate in national and international bootcamps and competitions


Incubator and Accelerators

Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is a nonprofit organization that delivers an objectives-based program for massively scalable, seed-stage, science- and technology-based companies.

The Hill is a health and care digital transformation catalyst, embedded in Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

BioEscalator is a biotech incubator in the heart of Oxford's medical research district, providing lab space and entrepreneurial support for high growth startups.



Begbroke Science Park is the only science park in Oxfordshire wholly owned and managed by Oxford University. It encourages links between high-tech science-based spinouts, their more established counterparts and the University.

Oxford Science Park is home to more than 2,500 people in over 90 companies.

Non-Oxford affiliated:

Culham Science Centre combines world-class publicly funded research into fusion power; commercial technology organisations and Culham Innovation Centre, to create a powerhouse of high technology innovation and enterprise in South Oxfordshire.



Oxford Sciences Innovation plc (OSI) is the University’s preferred investment partner for spinout opportunities arising from the Medical Science and Maths, Physical and Life Sciences divisions of the University.

Translational funding is used to bridge a ‘gap’ in development between early stage university research and its commercialisation.

The Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) is a £1.5 billion fund that supports cutting-edge research to address challenges faced by developing countries. It is part of the UK’s official development assistance (ODA).

Oxford University Press transfers £5m to the John Fell OUP Research Fund each year. The fund aims to foster creativity and a proactive approach to research opportunities in all subject areas, and particularly interdisciplinary fields. It makes seedcorn and start-up grants, and provides staff and funds to stimulate applications to external agencies.

The Oxford Innovation Society (OIS) is a leading forum for open innovation, bringing together researchers and inventors, Oxford spinouts, technology transfer professionals, local companies, venture capital groups and some of the world’s most innovative multinationals.

The University Challenge Seed Fund scheme aims to assist university researchers to bring university research discoveries to a point where their commercial usefulness can be demonstrated, and the first steps taken to ensure their utility. The primary focus is the exploitation of research outcomes.

Established in 2014, the University of Oxford Innovation Fund (UOIF) invests across all areas of technology and intellectual property from Oxford including new Oxford-based software companies. Managed by Parkwalk Advisors, with Oxford University Innovation as the Portfolio Advisor, this fund offers a tax-efficient opportunity to private investors, and provides an additional source of investment for spin-out and start-up ventures.


Humanities and Social Sciences

Incubator and Accelerators

The ARC Accelerator (formerly called the SUCCESS Programme) is a first-of-its-kind opportunity specifically designed to help social science academics and researchers to develop ideas based on their research into businesses or ventures to help people, society and the economy.

Programmes & Courses

ASAP is a new flagship four-month social sciences student and alumni accelerator hosted by LSE to support and scale socially-responsible student and alumni ventures.

Competitions & Awards

The competition encourages researchers, students and staff from Humanities departments to develop entrepreneurial ideas which may enrich their own work, communicate to a wider audience and develop new perspectives in the Humanities.



Social Impact & Enterprise

Programmes, Courses and Conferences

Based at Saïd Business School, Skoll Centre's goal is to maximise the positive impact of social entrepreneurship across the world.

It provides a variety of co-curricular courses aimed at providing high potential, socially-minded graduate students across the University of Oxford

The Skoll Scholarship provides full funding plus a living stipend to complete a MBA at the University of Oxford's Saïd Business School.

Its purpose is to accelerate and amplify the innovation necessary to transition to a circular economy by connecting, engaging and mobilising students, academics, and practitioners from across the UK (and beyond!)


Competitions & Awards

Map the System is a global competition that challenges you to think differently about social and environmental change.



eScalate is a three-year project, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) which runs until 31st March 2022. eScalate will support Oxfordshire’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that are scale-ups or have scale-up potential, and socially minded enterprises.

Awarding grants up to £7,500 to support collaborative and interdisciplinary social innovation research. Funds support research that aims to inform and to drive systems transformation for pressing social and environmental challenges, and to amplify the impact of research through public engagement.

Oxford Hub works with the University of Oxford's Research Services to offer Oxford University staff and students the Social Enterprise Awards, helping members of the University to test their ideas and start up social impact projects that benefit the Oxford Community.

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