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Building Tomorrow Today 

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OX1 is the only entity in European universities that rewards £18,000+ equity-free grant annually to idea-stage startups 

OX1 understands and caters for the needs of student entrepreneurs far better than current university or college-led support systems. We have created an incubator programme which is effectively structured to support the early stages of founding a start-up.

We do not take equity or IP, and provide end-to-end support throughout the process of start-up foundation. In addition to the incubator programme, we run social events and have established a strong alumni network of student entrepreneurs and mentors.

50+ Startups Launched

£70,000+ Equity Free Grants Disbursed

100+ Student Founders

How It Works

How It Works

Stage 1: Team Formation

We invite students to apply to the OX1 Incubator programme with or without an idea for a start-up or key skills (whether technical or ‘soft skills’). We’re looking for those ready to try out entrepreneurship. We then select the best out of Oxford and guide them in building formidable teams based on complementary skill sets.



Stage 3 : Demo Day

The start-ups pitch their ideas to a panel of investors, CEOs and members of the Oxford entrepreneurship community and beyond. The ideas are scored on their novelty, market and scalability, profitability and feasibility by our judges. The best start-ups receive financial investment from OX1 Incubator in the form of equity-free grants. Our aim is to give your start-ups several opportunities to find investment in one event.


Stage 2: Mentorship and Workshops

Our programme runs from November to April and is designed to develop students’ start-ups from ideas-stage to being investment-ready. Product experts and investors run workshops on several core areas such as idea validation, go-to-market strategy, MVP-building, incorporating and many more. Mentors are allocated based on fit between the start-up’s requirements and mentor’s expertise. We also compile free, hand-picked resources to support you through every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.


OX1Success Stories


OX1 2018/19

prev. Divehealth

What: Mable is a personalized migraine clinic using DNA to find and provide the right medication alongside continuous expert care

Success: graduated from Y-Combinator’s S21 batch and has raised a pre-seed and seed round

Earthwise logo.png

OX1 2021/22

prev. Climaview

What: Earthwise helps solar developers, retrofitters, and other sustainability businesses to streamline their business, drive revenue and provide financing to end customers.

Success: raised a pre-seed round and is launching a pilot with a major UK bank within a year of launch

Screenshot 2023-04-01 155329.png

OX1 2019/20

What: LegalMe provides an automated triage and legal aid eligibility checking tool for advice centres 

Success:  selected to join the UK's Tech Nation Lawtech Sandbox


OX1 2021/22

Caviar (prev. Danu)

What: Caviar is an on-chain, gas-efficient automated market maker (AMM) protocol that leverages a desirability classifier to aggregate NFT liquidity and unlock the potential to trade an entire NFT collection. Caviar facilitates swapping between NFTs and ERC20 tokens in whole or fractional amounts.

Success: raised a VC-backed pre-seed round and a strategic angel round within a year of launch

Our Partners


Our Sponsors

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Since 2018, OX1 Incubator is proud to have collaborated with:

Oxford Artificial Intelligence Society
Oxford University CompSoc
Oxford Fintech & Legaltech Society
Oxford Drone Society
Oxford University Rocketry Society
Oxford Hub


Oxford Robotics and Additive Manufacturing Society
Oxford VR/AR Society
Oxford Art Club
Oxford Women in Business
Oxford African & Caribbean Society
Enterprising Oxford

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