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2023/24 Demo Day Startups

The order in which our startups will pitch at Demo Day 2024. Pitches will be capped at four minutes followed by feedback and questions from our judges. Winners are announced after the last pitch.

Stealth #1


Join us to find out.

Samuel Ting, Pankhuri Dudani

Coco Factory

AI & 3D printing


A software solution that makes 3D printing accessible to everyone.

Shuyu Lin, Ronald Clark, Betsy Chou

Stealth #2


Join us to find out.

Nadja Yang, Samuel Tze

BioMorph Ltd

ClimateTech / BioTech

Striving to genetically engineer microorganisms to make non-recyclable plastics recyclable.

Alina Mihalovits, Dr David Kim, Prof Jeroen Bergmann


Business Analytics

Cedge is a competitive intelligence software that leverages AI to convert public data into actionable insights, giving businesses a powerful advantage in the marketplace.

Tobias Gessler, Moritz Eckardt, Clara Haase, Vincent Bukal


BioTech / MedTech

Making a novel saliva-based home self-test kit to empower you to beat cancer with early detection.

Tiffany Ma, Cristiano Peron, Susan Kilgas, Shilin Chen

FlashAid Ltd


FlashAid saves lives by letting patients call an ambulance with a single click.

Maksym Korotych, Grigorii Rodionov

Tech & Entertainment

Unifying disconnected worlds of Animation, Gaming, and Immersive with a single AI-integrated platform.

Ashkan Dabbagh, Rupert Aspden, James Elkin

Stealth #3


Join us to find out.

WeLight Tech


The first AI-backed platform for international admissions consulting for Asian students.

Xisen Wang, Jingbo Zhao

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