Meet the Cohort 2019/20

Educational MMORPG

LevelUp is a personal development platform for children that enhances the academic and holistic development of ‘K-12’ students (from kindergarten to 12th Grade). LevelUp offers a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) experience where children can interact, collaborate and build on their interpersonal skills while learning from curriculum-aligned content developed in-house and sourced from publishers.

Nicholas Jin

BA Jurisprudence

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Pawit Kochakarn

MENg Engineering Science

Alessandro Bongioanni

Postdoctoral Experimental Psychology

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Online platform to help students manage
and win their tenancy disputes.

Legalme helps students keep their landlords accountable by guiding them through the process of making a small claim in the courts. The platform enables students to generate formal legal documents for their case and aims to demystify the legal process to repair the power imbalance that exists between landlord and tenant.

Arthur Berkley

MEng Materials Science

James Neale

MMath Mathematics and Statistics

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Chiara McDermott

BA Neuroscience

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AI and Machine Learning to detect genetic disorders

ScanGenomics works on analyzing dermatoglyphics data using artificial intelligence and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to detect markers that correspond to several genetic disorders. In recent times, genetic disorders have risen to be one of the significant causes of mortality. As we improve our understanding of the human genome, we see that nearly all diseases have a genetic component linked to them. The vision of ScanGenomics is to aid in the early diagnosis of these genetic diseases using computational data analytics for successful treatment. The dermatoglyphics or the fingerprints of a human individual are among the very few features that can uniquely identify an individual and are determined by
various phenomena, including genetic and chromosomal factors. Thus the analysis of fingerprint patterns might reveal insights into the genetic makeup of an individual. Fingerprints are proven to act as reliable biological markers for several
medical conditions such as hypertension and other coronary diseases.

Ashwin Jainarayanan

Dphil Interdisciplinary Bioscience

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Olmo Ferro

MPhil Economics

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Sasha Collington

Executive MBA

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Shyam Sankaran

Msc Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing

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Thomas Orton

DPhil Computer Science 

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Alternative navigation app promoting sustainable transport choices

Despite growing concerns over climate change, research has shown that an overwhelming number of people feel they lack the tools to make informed decisions when it comes to travel. GreenerRoutes is an alternative navigation app which helps users make sustainable transport choices. The app allows journey planning based on real time estimates of carbon
emissions, taking into account both the route and mode of transport. GreenerRoutes gives users the ability to track and offset their individual carbon emissions by paying for trees to be planted.

 Max Doody

BA Medical Sciences

Bhuvana Sudarshan

MSc Biochemistry

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Cora MacGregor

BA Classics and English

Peer-to-peer meditation sessions

Our mental health plays a huge role in our ability to study effectively and keep a good work-life balance. Ripple is revolutionizing the way students understand and practise meditation.

Ripple provides peer-to-peer meditation sessions, charging College or University welfare budgets so that students can attend for free. The team has secured paid partnerships with 10 Oxford colleges, trained additional session leaders, built a website, and established a strong social media presence.

Ben Bilefield

BA Geography

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Daniel Gordon Hall

BA Theology

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Pairing women travelling home 

Many women feel unsafe when travelling home alone after a night out. This fear is understandable given the statistics: women travelling home alone are much more likely to be preyed upon than women in groups. Many existing attempts at solving the problem, such as panic buttons, apply too late, when the situation has already escalated. Women should not need such last resort measures in the first place. Serena addresses the problem by pairing up two women that have overlapping paths home. That way, both are safer.

Karen Waserstein

MSc Interdisciplinary Social Science

Sarah Hong

MSc Computer Science

Luka Deekeling

BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics

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